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Mark Haines (one half of Canada's dynamic duo, Haines and Leighton) says:

Upon listening to Joanne Hindley-Smith Crabtree's CD "All The Good Times", it's obvious right from the get-go that here is a woman who loves music!

"All The Good Times" showcases a woman who comfortably crosses musical borders and respectfully delivers every idiom she chooses to present. As an added surprise she easily marries styles blending one genre into another, creating a unique backdrop for her strong and distinctive voice. Joanne draws from a varied musical library referencing sounds of traditional and contemporary folk, dance-hall swings, acappella and barrelhouse blues, gospel blues and dixieland. The images she conjures up are reminiscent of the delta and the mountains, country lanes and seaside docks, rural back roads and downtown sidewalks. Expertly produced and led by Paul Mills, and accompanied by some of Canada's finest players, every song on "All The Good Times" becomes a musical stage highlighting the voice that is 100% pure Joanne Hindley-Smith Crabtree.

Tom Leighton (the other half of the dazzling duo) says:

"All the Good Times" is a celebration of a lifetime of music. It covers
lots of styles and influences, all of them well recorded and sung. The
title song deceptively conceals (or should it be "contains"??) my favorite
version of House of the Rising Sun. It's brilliant.



Paul Mills (aka Curly Boy Stubbs) says:

Great songs passionately delivered by someone who's been there.

John Cleese (of Monty Python) says:

There are many styles of songs here (on the CD All The Good Times) and Joanne's rich, mellow voice suits them all - a wonderful album.

Lillian Wauthier says:

What makes Joanne an interesting performer is her warmth on stage, her lovely voice, her sense of history, her beautiful originals and her individualistic interpretation of others' songs, including the older ballads. She has a wonderful sense of the meaning behind a song and the appropriate nuances and inflections to impart the song in the most passionate way. Her songs tell stories and Joanne tells them in an interesting way, one which captivates the audiences' attention.

David Francey says:

"A solid CD of well sung songs"